Marlborough Bible Baptist

Our Churches History

In July of 1995 our Senior Pastor Jeff Williams moved to Blenheim with his wife Debby and young family. Bro. Jeff had previously started the Community Baptist Church in Dunedin and turned the leadership of that church over to then Pastor, Nigel James.

Bro. Jeff's goal was to start a Bible-believing, Independent Baptist Church in Blenheim. To that end he began holding Bible studies in his home in Springlands in August of 1995 - one person came to that first study and the Lord has been blessing ever since!

In September of 1995 regular Sunday morning services began in his home. Services were eventually moved to leased premises on High Street across from Seymour Square. The church was officially constituted in 1997. Space was always tight at the High Street location. In June of 2002 the Open Brethren of Blenheim graciously allowed us to share their facility - thus the Lord opened the door for the church to move to 49 Wither Road.

Marlborough Bible Baptist Church became the home base for the New Zealand Correspondence School of the Bible in 1995. Since then, we have had over 3000 Kiwis enrol and many have been saved through this ministry and have even joined other Bible-believing churches in the country.

Believing that the Great Commission of Matthew 28:19-20 is our chief responsibility, our church started the Blenheim Bible Institute in 1997. This Bible training school for future church leaders initially began as a one night a week venture. In February of 2002, BBI moved to a full-time format, training people for full-time service and since then, has seen five students receive their Diploma in Biblical Studies and a number of others complete the three year course.

The 2000s saw a period of growth for our church with the starting of College ministries, growth in the Sunday School ministry, and plenty of young families coming up complete with the pattering of young feet in the services! Ben Morgan, a born-and-bred Kiwi, became our Assistant Pastor in January 2006 and a few of the old teen group are now leaders in the church as part of our staff. We have been privileged to help churches in NZ and Australia send missionaries to other countries to preach the Gospel. Furthermore, we have also seen an increase in the number of people from other countries that have come to our services. We look forward to what God will do in the future in our lives as individuals and also as a church family.

Jesus said, "By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another. " Therefore, we strive to love one another in Christian love and also to love the lost folk in Blenheim by reaching out to them with the Gospel. However, we hope that you don't just take our word for it, but come and check us out for yourself! See what God is doing in our lives! Click here for information on how to find us.