Marlborough Bible Baptist

Crèche Ministry

Children Playing

Our church has a thriving crèche ministry to help provide for the precious under-threes and their families which we are blessed to have. We know that your child is precious to you and that you really want what is best for him or her. Therefore, we have put the following information together for you so you can see that our church cares for all members of the family, young or old!

Most crèche workers who take part in caring for the little ones are mothers themselves; some of whom have children of their own in the crèche, and some of whom have older children in other classes.

Our crèche room is located directly behind the main chapel and even has a window facing into the chapel. This makes keeping an eye on your children even easier- all it takes is a glance!

Hours of Operation

The crèche service is offered for three of the four services we hold per week:

As our crèche service is only offered for children under three years of age, we have also assigned the back two rows of our main chapel room to families with preschool children. These two back rows are well equipped with toys and have a wide area between the pews to allow for the young children to more easily play quietly.

Creche Standards

Children Playing

We have a system in place that seems to work well for our families. This involves several ‘ground rules’:

1. The crèche begins when the message or prayer time begins.
2. It is up to the parent/caregiver’s discretion when to take their child to crèche. For example, if you wish to keep your child with you for the duration of the service, you are more than welcome to.
3. It is the parent/caregiver’s responsibility to take their child to the crèche room. The rostered crèche worker will then make their way to the room and take over the care of your child.
4. Parents/caregivers are most welcome to enter and stay in the crèche room at any time.
5. Our ratio is four children to one crèche worker of appropriate age.

As we have several young families in our church, we consider the crèche to be a very important ministry. We believe that ‘children are an heritage of the Lord, and the fruit of the womb is his reward’ (Psalm 127:3) so we feel very blessed to have these young ones in our church family. You can rest assured that, should you decide to join us this Sunday, your child will be completely safe.

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