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We don't have control of most of the following sites and so can't vouch for everything on them. You are expected to have the discernment to eat the meat, spit out the bones. However, most of the content on these sites is very helpful and we hope that it will be a blessing.

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Some like-minded churches:

Emmanuel Bible Baptist Church in Martville, New York. - Our Pastor's sending church in the USA. Pastor Byrant Lagoe

Community Baptist Church in Dunedin. The first church Pastor Williams planted. Now Pastored by Robert Rutta.

Christchurch Independent Baptist Church in Burwood, Christchurch. Pastor Ron Borsma.

Roturua Bible Baptist Church in Roturua. Pastor Garth Piper.

Fellowship Baptist Church in Hamilton. Pastor Jono Millar.

Great Ministries

The New Zealand Correspondence School of the Bible. Over 3000 Kiwis have enrolled. Why not join them in this free educational study through the entire word of God.

Verity Charity Publications publishes works by our Pastor, Dr Jeff Williams. Based in Wisconsin, USA, they stock books, tracts, and charts by our Pastor. All proceeds go to missionary work in New Zealand. For NZ based orders please contact the church as we keep all of the items in our bookstore.

Institute For Creation Research - great information on Creation vs Evolution.

Answers in Genesis is one of the largest and most extensive creation ministries in the world.

For some great Bible Reading plans to help you read through the Bible.

A free audio-Bible. Download the entire King James Version Bible in MP3 format ready to go onto your iPod or other MP3 player.

Apologetics. Solid answers to many of the top accusations against Christianity.

Over 300 prophecies that Jesus fulfilled when he lived on earth.