Marlborough Bible Baptist

Common Questions - and Answers!

Why do you call yourself an independent Baptist church?

By the term "independent" we simply mean that we are not part of any convention, association or union. All of the churches in the New Testament were self-governing, independent churches without any form of outside control. We do fellowship with other churches of like faith and practice, but our guidance comes from the Holy Spirit and the written word of God - not from an ecclesiastical body.

Are you part of the Baptist denomination?

Technically speaking, there is no such thing as a "Baptist denomination" - the "Baptists" do not have a human founder as such. The term "Baptist" was first applied to local groups of believers in Europe in the 14th and 15th centuries who believe much like we do today. In fact, because we hold to a literal interpretation of God's Word, churches like ours can be found throughout church history, although by various names, all of the way back to the early New Testament churches, as well as around the world today.

So where did the "independents" come from?

At one time, ALL Baptist churches were independent assemblies. Though many formed unions and conventions for various reasons, many others have chosen to remain independent bodies throughout the centuries. Independent Baptist churches are not something new, but something very old and well established in church history. In New Zealand all Baptist churches were independent until the formation of the Baptist Union in the 1880's. We know of about 30 Independent Baptist churches in New Zealand today.

What do you mean by "non-charismatic"? Don't you believe in the working of the Holy Ghost?

We definitely DO believe in the ministry of the Holy Ghost as testified to in scripture. However, we do NOT believe that the apostolic sign gifts (such as speaking in tongues, the gifts of healing, etc.) are valid for local churches today. This is not a hastily arrived at doctrine, but a valid position based on clear teaching of scripture that we would be more than willing to discuss in detail with anyone who is sincerely interested. For more information see our book In Spirit and In Truth.

So you don't believe in divine healing either?

To the contrary, we DO believe in divine healing, but NOT that the apostolic sign "gift of healing" is valid for today. God can and does heal in response to prayer, but he does NOT work through so-called healers today with the same gifts of healing exercised by the apostles in the early church. Again, we would be more than glad to enter into correspondence with anyone on this point who is sincerely interested in what scripture has to say.

What do you do in your services?

Our mid-week Bible study consists of a time of prayer, fellowship and study of the word of God, verse by verse. Our Sunday services similarly involve fellowship with God's people and praising God in song, prayer, and the preaching of his holy word. In all our services we open the word in such a manner that you can see and examine it for yourself. Read more......

Why do you have such old hymns? Why not use some exciting new Christian Contemporary Songs to help people worship?

Because, contrary to many people's opinions, the Bible does give rules for music that Christians should listen to. These include:

There are more of course, but these are just guidelines. Most Christian Contemporary music played in some churches violates several clear, Scriptural principles and how can God bless a church violating his word and acting in the flesh? However, we should stress that our singing and services are anything but dead and lifeless - we strive to sing from the heart and worship God in spirit and in truth at MBBC.

Why do you use the King James Bible Only and not some of the newer versions? Aren't they easier to read and understand?

To the contrary, the King James Bible is the easiest and best to use. We not only believe it is the best translation, but we believe that it is the preserved word of God for English speaking people. All of the new versions omit passages for the Scriptures which attack key Bible doctrines and cause much confusion. There is a lot of evidence to support our position and we encourage any Christian to study the issue. However, if you use another version we are not going to hit you over the head with the King James Version, nor are we going to ban you from attending our services! To the contrary, we warmly invite any sincere person along to explore this issue further.

Why do you have services in the evening and not the morning?

Simple: because we share the building with another group which hold their services in the morning.

Why did you put that junk in my letterbox?

Simple: because we care about you! The "junk" is actually a Gospel tract which we put into your letterbox to inform you of a couple of crucial facts:

1) You are a sinner, in need of a saviour to escape a very real *** as your penalty for breaking God's law.
2) Jesus loved you enough to take your punishment. He died on the cross for you, but he rose again from the grave!
3) Salvation is a free gift - but you must receive it.

Please, please, click here to watch a video about the Bible's message to you.

Why did you start a church in Blenheim?

Over 90% of our town does not go to church on a regular basis. The odds are that you are part of the 90% - YOU are therefore the reason why the Marlborough Bible Baptist Church exists in Blenheim!

If you still have questions then please feel free to contact us.